Career Counselling by Touraj Heral

Educationist & Career Counsellor
BFL Consultants


This is a new world, which is now being monitored, controlled and operated under the influence of numerous external, non-living factors. Since 2000, the world is revolutionizing and progressing owing to the new technology that brings exclusive and versatile lifestyle.

Contemporary World

In this evolving world of today, it is not easy to choose a course and start a career path. This consistent evolution & innovation has brought the competition, in which one has to be competitive enough, with robust forethought to cope with cutting-edge challenges. In last few centuries, people used to opt for either Engineering or MBA, which made them successful, because they were meeting the need of world in their era. But now it’s the age of modernization and advancement. Now, communities are demanding enhanced expertise in every aspect of life.

My Perspective

Being an experienced and skilled career counsellor, I firmly believe that student should receive extraordinary education in their desired field of interest. But, before any student choose a career path, it is significant that the student must determine their personality first. A human can have one of 14 different personality types that outlines the nature, potentials, capacities & innate skills of a person. If one is mindful of this, they can undeniably choose a career path that fits their persona.

My Formula

Before I start career counselling of a student, I use an ancient formula of phycology, which is to ask three questions:

Q.1 Who are you?

If student answers this positively or charmingly, this means that they believe that they are someone who have great potential to achieve something extraordinary & if they answer it negatively, it means that they have the fire in their mind, which was developed either by negative experiences or negative opinions of people. Hence, this first question helps me determine what they expect from their life.

Q.2 What people are?

Like the first question it defines what student thinks about the people around them and what they expect from the student.

Q.3 What do you want to do in life?

This question outlines the mental approach and life goals of student.


College and Career Counselling

Career counselling is not only about classifying the existing goals of students, rather it’s also a responsibility to broaden the vision of a student to adopt and develop new & enhanced things of their interest, in their life, that meets their innate approaches.

So first of all, the counselling will be to assist the student to determine their veiled and secret potentials that were actually wired in their personality with few innate skills.

Once student discovers their potential, then we proceed to determine their interests, be it STEM, Business or something else. We make ourselves mindful of the advancements & developments in the field of student’s interest, the developments that have been done in that field in last five years and the possible developments in next five years. Hence, I help my students to draw a complete feasibility that logically proves how they can be successful in the coming years, with their chosen field.

I am fortunate that students who have been with me for their career coaching are now on the right track of their career & are very contented.