Back in December 2008, CEO Bilal Khalid took an initiative and established a linguistic institute, offering IELTS coaching, where he got a chance to interact with a lot of students, many of which were aiming for higher studies abroad; and noticed how many of the bright students tend to fail miserably because they lacked proper guidance in choosing the right institute, right course and right career pathway.

This prompted him to navigate the history and portfolios of the world’s top universities, their quality of education, courses and facilities offered by them; and form a comparative analysis. He then proceeded to place students among well renowned top institutes and backed up his analysis with student feedback. Fast forward to this day, BFL has students in every corner of the world, studying in top universities in the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany and the likes. Taking it a step further, Bilal Khalid himself visited all the universities in panel to ensure the quality of education being offered and crosscheck their facilities and infrastructure for student satisfaction.


We believe guidance is not limited till college admissions, that’s where it begins


Provide intensive college and career guidance to help you land in institutes with high quality education