University Placements

BFL prides itself in helping students identify their potential field of interest and secure admissions in top-ranked institutes all over the world

Uni Placements

University Admission Nothing shapes one’s personality and future like obtaining higher education from a well reputed international institute. BFL prides itself in helping students identify their potential field of interest and secure admissions in top-ranked institutes all over the world. We help you determine optimal career pathways that ensure competent growth, skillful development and professional success; so you emerge as global leaders of tomorrow, thoroughly equipped to fulfill the demands of the ever evolving progressive local as well as international industry.

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Our Expertise

BFL Consultants is a team of highly proficient and experienced, British Council certified counselors who help the students apply and secure placements in top ranking universities of the world. Our counselors have outlined several categories for students that covers all sorts of universities from around the globe, including the prestigious IVY League Universities, Oxbridge, Russell Group, G8 Universities and other leading liberal arts & research universities like Stanford University, MIT, University of Toronto, McGill University, Pomona College, Williams College, University of California, Berkeley, Connecticut College, New York University and many more.  


How we process the applications

When the student enrolls with BFL, they are assigned with a specific counselor who helps them all throughout the process of applications. With the help of the counselors, students:

Choose the Majors

Choose the subjects as per interest and future acceptability

Organize Documents

Preparation and organization of documents required for specific institute to increase the chances of acceptances 

Prepare list of Colleges

Short listing the institutes offering courses with ranking and rating to make the better decision

Prepare Applications

Preparation of applications kit and submit them to relevant institute

For University Admissions, our counselors recommend the students to start preparations at least one year before applying to the universities. This is to make sure that the counselors can fully familiarize themselves with the persona and goals of students and put in their best determination and maximum time to create successful applications. Over the course of one year, students are involved in several counselling sessions and are given the support and coaching for the preparation of proficiency tests like SAT, ACT, IELTs, TOEFL etc.

The Finance Department of BFL deals with the financial aid applications of all students. From organizing financial documents like Tax Returns, Bank Statements & Bank Letters to filling out and submitting the application forms, everything is taken care of by the competent team of BFL Finance Department.

Services Charges

The Services Charges for these applications vary, depending on the category of Universities that the students opt for. different university categories and their services charges are give below services fee chart


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